While transferring the data from your hard drive, the data gets deleted, corrupted or lost. Whoever uses a system, it’s a fact for him that sometimes the hard drive fails. If you are storing critical information on your hard drive, then a failure may lead to havoc.

What if you have not made any back up of your hard drive? Still no need to panic, don’t give up on deleted, corrupted or lost data from hard drive; there is still a hope of getting back data from hard drive. Go for Retrieving deleted data tool.

Your system uses a specific index and file structure for reading the files stored on disk. If this index gets corrupted, the system won't be able to see or read the data, even when it's still there. In such cases, you can get back deleted data using this tool. This tool can also be used specifically to recover deleted photos from computer. To know more about deleted photo recovery process you can visit the follwoing link:

Reasons for data loss, corruption or deletion from hard drive:

  • Deletion due to accidental format of hard drive.
  • System crash due to sudden shutdown.
  • Deletion of data on hard drive by some third party application like an antivirus.
  • Bad sector generation on hard drive because of power surge.
  • Losses of data while making use of System Restore feature of Windows to restore your PC to an earlier date using restore points.
  • Inaccessibility due to MBR getting corrupted.

Virtues of this software:

To resolve the problems faced by all listed scenarios, this tool acts as torch bearer. This tool gets back data from a number of popular brands of hard drives like HP, Hitachi, SimpleTech, Seagate and Toshiba and from many popular removable storage devices like pen drives and memory cards.

It provides fast scanning of complete hard drive in minutes to get back lost data. Using it one can get back data from deleted, lost, corrupted partitions and also from formatted or reformatted partitions and can also get back inaccessible data when MBR (Master Boot Record) of hard drive gets corrupted. The obtained data is in their original directory structure and file names. It enables user to create disk image of your hard drive having bad sectors. This tool can also be used to get back your deleted files from PC. To get more info visit It can be used to get back documents, photos, videos and many other file types from hard drives.

This tool is efficient in obtaining back partitions that are lost due to virus attack, partitioning errors while using in-built Disk Utility tool. Even when your recycle bin files get deleted, you can use this tool to get back those deleted recycle bin files fast. It supports to get back more than 300 file types and it also allows you to get back RAW data using new file add/edit signatures. With the help of this software you can also recover files after Shift + Delete from different storage devices such as, hard drive, external hard drive, memory cards, iPods etc.

Mac version of this tool is also available to get back deleted data on Mac providing fast and secure obtaining of data. Want to restore deleted data from an Android Tablet, then visit

Precautionary measures to avoid hard drive failure:

  • Make a back up of all your important data stored on hard drive
  • Remove your hard drive for retrieving immediately after hard drive failure to avoid overwriting of data and then obtain it back using installed utility on a healthy system
  • Use authentic antivirus software to avoid viruses to corrupt your hard drive

Steps to get back data from hard drive:

    Step-1:Download and install this utility tool on your system. After installation, run the software

Retrieving Data From Hard Drive - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

    Step-2: Select "Recover Drives" from main screen. Then select "Partition Recovery" from second screen

Retrieving Data From Hard Drive - Recover Drives

Figure 2: Recover Drives

    Step-3: Select the drive/partition from which has to be obtained and click "Next" to start scanning

Retrieving Data From Hard Drive - Select Physical Drive

Figure 3: Select Physical Drive

    Step-4:After scanning a list of files on drive to be obtained appears. Tick the files to be obtained. Select option "Add File Types" to add more file types and click on "Next" option. You can also skip this step using "Skip" option

Retrieving Data From Hard Drive - Hard Drive Scan Progress

Figure 4: Hard Drive Scan Progress

    Step-5:A screen providing a list of files and folder appears. Select "Preview" to preview the data obtained. Use "Save Recovery Session" to save the current process so that you can restore the process without scanning the drive again. Use "Smart Scan" option to start deeper search if you are not satisfied with the search

Retrieving Data From Hard Drive - File Preview

Figure 5: File Preview

    Step-6:To complete the obtaining process and store data, purchase the activation key of software
    Step-7:After activating the software, you can restore your saved session to store the obtained data at desired location